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Orlando Plastic Surgeon Introduces Three Dimensional Body Sculpting

While many cosmetic surgeons focus on discrete areas of aesthetic improvement, Dr. Kenrick Spence takes a Three Dimensional Approach to cosmetic surgery in Orlando so that his body sculpting patients look their best from all angles.

Orlando, Florida (August 2008) - It's not uncommon for most women and men to have certain "trouble spots" that they would like to improve, such as lumpy love handles or a large belly. Many plastic surgeons are able to improve the appearance of these trouble spots, but Orlando plastic surgeon Dr. Kenrick Spence offers his patients a "whole body" approach that allows him to provide a Three Dimensional solution and create an attractive overall appearance through body contouring.

"In recent months, I have seen more patients who are unhappy with their initial cosmetic surgery results," says Dr. Spence. "In many cases, their unsatisfying outcome is due to the initial surgeon not taking into account the patient's total body contour. A surgical result may look fine by itself, but may seem out of proportion or unflattering in the context of the rest of the patient's body."

Liposuction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) are 2 key components of Three Dimensional Body Sculpting at Dr. Spence's cosmetic surgery practice in Orlando. As people age and have children, abdominal muscles often become lax and the skin in the stomach area begins to sag and develop stretch marks. In some cases, a tummy tuck alone will successfully treat these cosmetic concerns, but the Three Dimensional Body Sculpting approach requires Dr. Spence to evaluate the hips, thighs, and the upper abdomen to ensure that the final result will be in sync with a patient's other body areas.

"An experienced Orlando plastic surgeon must pay attention to all parts of the body to produce a look of aesthetic harmony," adds Dr. Spence. "What other people see from the back and sides is just as important as what we see from the front when we look in the mirror. It's about more than just looking at the body from one particular angle."

Dr. Spence uses a series of steps to achieve Three Dimensional Body Sculpting. He recommends that his patients:

  1. Begin by looking at themselves in the mirror from multiple angles, paying attention to the things they would like to change as they shift their view
  2. Keep in mind a clear picture of the total body image they want to achieve, and clarify that image by reviewing before and after photos and detailed drawings
  3. Schedule a consultation to receive a professional opinion about how their physical features complement one another and an evaluation of their overall skin tone

Another consideration that goes into Three Dimensional Body Sculpting is a patient's gender. For instance, women who have had extensive liposuction to remove fat in the hip or buttocks area may notice that the loss of curvature creates a more masculine appearance. The solution may be to perform additional liposuction in the midsection and/or provide fat grafting to create the "hourglass" silhouette which is a timeless feminine beauty ideal. On the other hand, male patients almost always prefer straight and chiseled lines to create a squared off appearance in the mid-body/waist area.

"I believe that aesthetic harmony can only be achieved by paying attention to several factors before making any cosmetic change," says Dr. Spence. "For instance, a flat abdomen with a wide waist or thin thighs with a prominent belly creates a disproportionate look that is not the most flattering."

If you are considering cosmetic surgery in Orlando, you owe it to yourself to learn more about Dr. Spence's Three Dimensional Approach. Request a consultation with Dr. Spence to learn more about all of your options.

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