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Facial Surgery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Facial Surgery FAQ


I have been unable to breathe for years through my broken nose. Do I need Rhinoplasty?

This depends on the cause of your nasal obstruction. Very common with a broken nose is a deviated septum. A Septoplasty is actually what would improve breathing in this case, but it would not change the actual cosmetic appearance of your nose.

I have a large nose and a small chin. Can Rhinoplasty improve my appearance?

With any correction of the size of the nose, the appearance of the chin must be taken into account. Often times, a chin implant is used in conjunction with nasal work to achieve facial harmony.

I am dark skinned and thick skinned. I have been told that nothing can be done to change the shape of my nose. Is that true?

Thick skin does respond differently than thin skin. Because of this, reshaping must be approached differently. This does not, however, exclude you from having Rhinoplasty and achieving your goals.

The responses to Frequently Asked Questions listed here are not intended to be medical advice, but are the practice of Dr. Spence and will vary from surgeon to surgeon and patient to patient.

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